RS10 Pink Gold, White Dial
RS10 Pink Gold, White Dial

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RS10 White Gold, White Dial
RS10 White Gold, White Dial

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RS10 White Gold, Matt Black Dial
RS10 White Gold, Matt Black Dial

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RS10 Pink Gold, White Dial
RS10 Pink Gold, White Dial

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Case: Pink or Grey Gold 18 cts

Width : 44 mm
Height : 14,3 mm
Case finish : vertical satin finish
Bezel finish : polished
Horn finish : welded, polished and micro-blasted
Inter-horn distance : 23 mm

Back: Pink or Grey Gold, screwed

Engraving : by hand
Sun dial decoration : hand-engraved with grand feu enamel
Sun dial origin : artisan watchmaker’s farmhouse from 1750, Les Bois
Strap : real alligator, large scales with tassel
Buckle : Tongue 18 ct pink gold
Crown : pink gold with machine engraved logo
Brand logo : 3 fir trees on 3 mountains
Logo symbolism : settling of the Jura by clearing, around 1350

Dial: grained, opaline or matt black

Hour & minute indicator ring : silvered sunray decoration
Seconds indicator ring : silvered bevel
Hand center : hand guilloche work
Hand guilloche work pattern : progressive circular pyramids

Hands: hand decorated

Hand decoration : drawing on the 2 faces, bevelling on the flanks

Movement: The Harmonious Oscillator

Winding : manual, 30 crown revolutions
Power reserve : approx. 70 hours
Manufacture : made by Rudis Sylva
Purchases from third parties : 7 parts : escapement, stones, spring, Incabloc
Indicators : hour, minute, seconds
Main plate machining : on machine with bed plate, 175 operations
Precision control : 100% of components

Movement finishes: Haute Horlogerie finishing

Main plate : bevelling, pyramid guilloche work
Hand-decorated bridges : bevelling, circular graining, drawing
Gear train : circular graining, diamond-polished corners
Screws : machine threading with controlled undercut
Barrel drum : snailed
Titanium cage bridge bevelling : 28 inward corners, drawing, 30 hours’ work

Harmonious oscillator: unique system worldwide

Balances : toothed, connected, providing the same amplitude
Escapement : only 1 with 1 pallet fork positioned at 90 degrees
Frequency : 21,600 vibrations/hour (3 Hz)
Cage rotation : 360 degrees in 60 seconds
Cage diameter : 17,40 mm
Balance-springs : 2, flat, asymmetric deployment
Balance-spring symmetry and energy : constantly opposed
Vertical gravity correction : instantaneous, completely eliminating the effect of gravity