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  • Case: Rose Gold, White Gold or Titanium
    Width: 44 mm Height: 14.3 mm Case Finish: Polished Inter-horn distance: 23 mm
  • Back: Rose Gold, White Gold or Titanium, Screwed
    Engraving : By hand Decoration : And-engraved sun dial with grand feu enamel Sun dial origin: Watchmaker’s farmhouse from 1750, Les Bois Strap: real alligator, large scales with tassel Buckle: Tongue Rose Gold, White Gold or Titanium Crown: Rose Gold, White Gold or Titanium with engraved logo Brand logo: 3 fir trees on 3 mountains Logo symbolism: settling of the Jura by clearing, around 1350
  • Hands: Gold, hand decorated
    Decoration: Drawing on the 2 faces, bevelling on the flanks
  • Main plate: Hand guilloche worked
    Pyramids: 60 tapering
  • Movement: Harmonious Oscillator
    Dimensions: H. 7,78 mm / Ø 39,55 mm Winding: Manual, 49 crown revolutions Power reserve : About 70 hours Manufacture : Made by Rudis Sylva
  • Harmonious Oscillator: Unique system worldwide
    Balances: Toothed, interlinked, ensuring the same amplitude Escapement: Only 1 with 1 pallet fork positioned at 90 degrees Frequency : 21,600 vibrations/hour (3 Hz) Cage rotation : 360 degrees in 60 seconds Cage diameter : 17,40 mm Balance-springs : 2, flat, asymmetric deployment Balance-springs symmetry and energy : Constantly opposed Vertical gravity correction : Instantaneous, completely eliminating the effect of gravity
  • Movement finishes: Haute Horlogerie finishing
    Main plate: Bevelling, tapering pyramid guilloche work Bridges: Decorated, bevelling, circular graining Gear train : Circular graining, diamond-polished corners Barrel drum : Snailed Titanium cage bridge : Bevelling, 28 inward corners, drawing 30 h. work
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