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A Watchmaking Revolution

Revealed at Baselworld 2009, the Harmonious Oscillator is a technology acclaimed by Master Watchmakers as the most significant invention since Breguet's Tourbillon in 1801.

In a vertical position, the Tourbillon generally needs a minute to compensate for the effects of gravity, while the Harmonious Oscillator counters it at each oscillation.

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Harmonious Oscillator

The Harmonious Oscillator

A breakthrough Innovation

The Harmonious Oscillator, from Rudis Sylva, features a system with two mechanically interlinked balances driven by a single escapement. This technical innovation goes against watchmaking theories, which have always ruled out stress on the balances.


The bevelling and dashed lines are done entirely by hand. The authenticity of hand bevelling can be seen in the cleanness of the inward and outward corners, which no machine can reproduce with such precision.

Rudis Sylva RS12 Grand Art Horloger Harmonious Oscillator.jpg
Rudis Sylva RS12 Grand Art Horloger Harmonious Oscillator (10).jpg


On the dial indicating the hours and minutes, the guilloche craftsman has made a subtle play by decorating the dial with tapering trapezoids.On the dial indicating the hours and minutes, as well as the plate under the oscillator, you can admire the art of hand guilloche work, performed by Georges Brodbeck in his Saignelégier workshop.


Sylvain Bettex and Bertrand Degiorgi have applied their finest work to the hidden face of the timekeeper. Purists will appreciate the chisel work, which cuts to the heart of the flawless lettering with regular bevelling and perfect symmetry, revealing moreover a polished cut completely free from burrs.

Rudis Sylva RS12 Grand Art Horloger Harmonious Oscillator (13).jpg
Rudis Sylva RS12 Grand Art Horloger Harmonious Oscillator (13).jpg


Tucked away in a farm in the peaceful hamlet of Les Barrières, Sophie Cattin Morales practices the art of enamelling in her timeless workshop. As a child she lived on the Les Rosées-Dessous farm that houses the “Ultima Forsan” sun dial dating from 1750. So it was an obvious step to call on her talent to enhance the reproduction of the fresco on the back of the Rudis Sylva watch.


In the past, the watchmaker would carry out his watch repair services at his clients’ homes. He therefore made himself a wooden box, with many drawers in which he stored his tools. The upper edges were cut so that, when he laid out his nest of drawers on their kitchen tables, he could create a work surface which would be the same as his workbench.



RS16-white gold, green
RS16 Green
RS16 Red

About Rudis Sylva

Unique know-how from the History of Jura Switzerland

The Rudis Sylva brand dates back to 1384. With its independent past, the brand has a “complicated” watchmaking history!


The artisans of our region, regardless of whether or not they contributed to the production of this timepiece, are the real founders of the Rudis Sylva concept. The sole objective of the brand managers is to connect history and technology to offer the world a product which showcases the expertise of the region in the best possible light.


Born out of mathematical formulae worked out over days and nights, portrayed through the imagination of designers or sculpted in the workshops of watch case makers, decorated by highly dextrous engravers and magnified by the delicate touch of dial face workers, the first watch bore witness to the excellence of these artisans. The complex machine processes applied to certain moving components such as bearings, pivots or plates, for example, only serve to show how talented the mechanics and cutters were too.


And thus the watchmaker appears on the scene: calm and serene, he assembles components to create this beating object, a heart to which one forms an instant attachment for fear that it might stop. Listening to the tick-tock, admiring the oscillation of the regulators, caressing this jewel of technology in one’s hand: it all evokes strong emotions for the purist.

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